equipped alarm function lampshade glue potting machine

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  • Vision glue potting machine PGV501

    Alarm function: the drums of A and B are equipped with alarm and induction devices of lower position; ... PGV glue potting machines are the fully automatic glue potting machine launched by Daheng automation. This machine is aiming at epoxy resin, polyurethane, silicone and other two-component materials for materials mixing and automatic ...

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  • Automatic Glue Potting Machine/epoxy Resin Potting

    Potting is to pour polyurethane potting glue, silicone potting glue, epoxy resin potting glue into devices equipped with electronic components and circuits with equipment or manual methods. Under normal temperature or heating conditions, it will be cured into performance Excellent thermosetting polymer insulating material, so as to achieve the ...

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  • iCoat-3D Glue Potting Machine-Guangdong Anda

    iCoat-3D Glue Potting Machine product description: MPS-230 two-component feeding systemThe variable ratio gear pump can accurately measure, mix and distribute medium and low viscosity materials for applications such as bonding, sealing, packaging and coating.

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  • China Ab Component Glue CCD Vision Machine - China

    The machine has automatic glue dispensing function, can match 1:1 to 10:1 within the two-component glue, can automatically match, automatic mixing, automatic mixing, automatic completion of the machine, do not need manual matching, is an online type of glue dispensing, to fill the amount of glue, how much glue dispensing, dispensing good glue ...

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  • Automatic Polyurethane Sealant Mixing Dispenser Ab Glue ...

    Glue Volum testing feedback function: The glue drum is equipped with the function of low liquid level alarm: 4: Four times protection of glue filtration: Filter protection measures, reduce the mechanical pump failure probability, prevent the impurities in the glue into the glue pipe: 5: High precision mechanical pump body: Precision adjustment ...

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  • Soldering machine-Shenzhen Pinsu Technology Co., Ltd ...

    8. With glue and potting integrated design, it can be used with automatic operation. 9. Easy to operate, can store 10 sets of parameters, call up the product parameters during production, press the start button. 10. The machine can be equipped with a light bar positioning fixture and a …

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  • Second Intelligent Equipment Factory Direct Best Selling ...

    The storage tank is equipped with a liquid level sensor switch, with Automatic material shortage alarm; 8, optional glue stirring, heating and vacuum defoaming function, suitable for different types of infusion process.

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  • Automatic Two Component Filling Machine Epoxy Resin ...

    Opening the function of anti-curing can efficiently prevent the AB glue solidification in the pipe. 6,The material tanks is equipped with explosion-proof electric mixing motor,and liquid level sensor which when the glue is below the liquid level or the lack of material, the machine will be auto-alarm and stop, after feeding auto-working.

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  • High Speed Dispensing Machine SD-510 - Bentec

    Material level detecting in syringe function, machine will alarm when material is insufficient . Automatically recognize IC position and then dispense material to ensure dispensing precision for the underfill process. Equipped with X/Y/Z auto correction platform . Glue weighing function (Option) guarantees precise dispensing.

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  • Coating Equipment - SMT, PCB Manufacturing Products

    Whatsapp 0086 134 2516 4065 SMT glue dispenser machine, Meter mix dispenser, two component glue potting machine, mixi and dosing machine widely used PCB potting, led light encapsolution. Guangzhou, China. Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

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